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About Us

A Piece of Cake Event Planning is one of the top event planning companies in Tallahassee. Owner, Kate Pararo started the company in 2011 and has since grown the company to be one of the highest recommended. A Piece of Cake Event Planning event specialist, Kate Pararo is happy to help with any event.
APOC placed top 3 in the Tally Awards 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,  2017 and 2019. They also received a Weddingwire Couples Choice Award in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. A Piece of Cake Event Planning is proud to be a successful small business in Tallahassee. Kate has worked hundreds of events and strives to help make any event special and stress free for her respected clients.

Owner, Kate Pararo aka, the "wedding counselor" has been providing event planning services for over 10 years. She received a bachelors of science from Auburn University in 2002. Kate's background brings a most beneficial perspective and understanding of her client's needs. She is efficient, organized and detailed. Kate is one of Tallahassee's professional event designers and is able to make sure that every detail is planned to perfection. She has been mentioned in Us Weekly and was featured on MTV as the wedding planner for a TV celebrity. Her experiences and knowledge of the hospitality industry is fantastic and she loves every minute of it.

As the former president of the Tallahassee Association of Wedding Professionals (www.tawp.org) and member of The Wedding Suite (www.theweddingsuite.net) Kate knows the best wedding vendors to refer her clients to and is a confident leader in the wedding industry.

Kate loves coffee , a good pair of jeans (not when she needs to look professional) and loves working out at the gym. She is a mother of two and has been happily married for 12 years to her husband, Matthew. 


The other event planner at A Piece of Cake Event Planning is Becky McCrea. Becky, like Kate grew up in Tallahassee and has strong Tallahassee roots. You maybe went to high school with Becky as it seems like everyone did. 

With the help of a fabulous event planner like Becky McCrea, A Piece of Cake Event Planning is able to handle every detail during the setup of your event. Becky has been trained by the best and is at your event ready to help where she is needed. Becky started with the company as an intern and has been with the company for 7  years. She is now working as a full time event planner for A Piece of Cake Event Planning. Becky graduated from Florida State University in 2015 and became an immediate success in the event planning profession. 

When Becky is not working, she usually has a baby on her hip. She is a new mom to a little baby boy. She has been married to her husband, Tiebout  (not Tim Tiebout) for 3 years. Tiebout is a great helper at A Piece of Cake Event Planning as we often have him come help with setup/ breakdown for our events. He is great to have onsite when large/ heavy items needs to be moved. 

Becky's father Bob Gula is the owner of Timberlane Garden Carpentry which provides farm tables, benches and tons of other custom décor items. Visit our blog for more info.

Our Team


A Piece of Cake Event Planning will arrive to your event with the APOC event team. The number of people involved in the setup for your event is determined by A Piece of Cake Event Planning prior to your event. There is no additional charge per event assistant. We use our professional experience to determine how many people it will take to make your event spectacular. A Piece of Cake Event Planning has an amazing team and event assistants helping Becky and Kate. The company enjoys mentoring FSU students and taking on interns from the Florida State School of Hospitality. 



Kelsey is the newest intern at A Piece of Cake Event Planning, but it seems like she has been working with us for years. 



This girl, is a hard worker and has an eye for detail. She has been an intern with APOC since 2018 and we hope to keep her for a longtime.



Intern Rachael knows how to plan a party. Sorority events on campus to birthday parties, this one has event planning in her blood.



Debbie is always on standby, just in case we need an extra hand when setting up events. 



Tiebout is usually fighting fires with the Tallahaseee Fire Department, but when he is not saving humans, he is helping us setup and breakdown events.